Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Audi Quattro Will Be Produced!

Spotted recently on Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, it was confirmed that the car will go into production.  See the story here.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

First service list

Just a reminder list for when I take it in for the first service:

1.  Transmission - in "Auto" mode, first shift from standstill seems slow
2.  Driver's side door doesn't close easily
3.  Windshield washer - over-sprays the hood
4.  Wind noise (?) by left window

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Audi Improvement Program

0.  Replace grille with RS5 version.
1. iPhone mount/charging station, so iPhone will display the photo of the person who is calling.
    Referral by Miramar Audi salesrep Kevin Kao:

La Jolla Audio does high-end custom audio work for many differnt prestige brands and we've recommended them to many customers for some special auto electonic needs.

2. reprogram (remap) the computer for better performance
3. exhaust system for better sound and performance
4. pin striping
5. webcam(s)
6. hi-def backup camera, put on switch (not just backing up)
7. upgraded brakes: Brembo with drilled rotors
8. De-badge
9. add wheel spacers (20mm rear, 5mm front)

I like my Audi because...

1. The name "Audi" is not to be found anywhere on the car. It's not that I don't like the name Audi, it's that I don't like a lot of exterior badging, and I like that Audi obviously doesn't need to tell the world that it's an Audi. If you don't know, then you probably won't be getting one.
2. It's black. I never had an all-black car.
3. All wheel drive feels great on the turns.
4. Seats are the best of any car I've owned.
5. Steering wheel is the best of any car I've owned.
7. The backup camera is ingenious.
8. Trunk space is enormous, with fold down rear seats. I could sleep in it!
9. The engine looks like an engine!
10. "Dynamic" setting for steering, transmission, suspension.
11. Paddle shifters.

I wish my Audi had:

1. Another hundred horsepower. So I guess I'll add a chip, and exhausts.
2. Better interior controls. Layout and function could be improved.
3. Keyless entry and start. That option available, but not on this car. :(
4. Grille without a license plate holder built in. Germans use them. I don't. So I guess I'm going to replace the grille with one made for the RS5, still not available in the US.
5. Rear side windows pop out. Totally unimportant, but still...
6. Front opening moon roof. That would be big.
7. Paddle shifters that are stationary and not move with the steering wheel, so I can shift while cornering.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Window Tinting

I asked the dealer service manager for a recommendation for getting it done. I didn't want to take a chance on some random search results. I was told to call Don Durant at 619-804-0238, who has been tinting windows for 16 years. He comes to where the car is, saving time and hassle.

The car looks so much better with the windows tinted.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Video of Audi S5 road test

First, a look at the exterior design.
Audi wanted beautiful lines, so they hired an Italian designer:

Next, a look at the interior:

And now, performance:

Grille Improvement


Improved Version

The upgraded Audi S5 is the Audi RS5, which is not yet available in the USA, but it has a grille much like the one shown as "Improved Version". A much cleaner design, in my opinion. Available from at *only* 1085.81 which seems kinda pricey for a whole lot of empty space! But it looks soooo good...

Another option, below, is the flashier matte aluminum finish:

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Wash

I was in a rush to get it clean.
I should have known better,
but I took it to Rancho Car Wash, Del Mar, CA.


Arrived 1:22 PM
Drive Away 2:00 PM

Water streaks along the sides when I get home.
I don't want to have to detail the car after a wash.

So I called Bobby Kik at Kik Mobile Detailing and set up a schedule for wash and detail, etc.
He will come to the car and I can save about an hour of my time.

Life is too short to mill about at a car wash.
Just Say No To Random Events!

Fitted Luggage

The car has a serious trunk, far superior to many previous cars. To make the huge space more manageable just delivered soft-sided duffel bags in black cotton. Very inexpensive. These bags will completely disappear in the back, keeping a very organized look to the space. The cotton fabric will keep the bags from sliding around. I'll add some contrasting bungee cords for extra security.

Rear View

The "101" in the license plate refers to California Highway 101, one of the world's finest roads for people who love to drive.

Photo by Grant Freeman at Electronic Printing Solutions.