Monday, April 25, 2016

About the DoubleM Audi S5

Driving, for me, is a lot like flying. 

It's an intensely physical experience: creating great sounds and full-body G-forces, while moving at high speed. There is also the mental experience: solving a real-time navigation puzzle under constantly changing conditions, while avoiding contact with other vehicles and objects.

Parking is limited to one car per unit at the condo, so I need a daily driver, and of course it needs to be a road machine, fast, tight, strong. A coupe. Low profile. A good start toward a custom road machine.

This is the story of the MM Audi S5, the extensive improvements made thereupon, and some driving adventures.

Stealth mode

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of my new Audi S5, I figured it should have a facelift. I have long thought that it should have painted over tail lights, and get de-badged to give it a low-profile Mafia gangsta look.  Custom Auto Body in San Diego did the work.  Me like!  :)  You?