Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pinstripe Logo

I never had a car with pinstriping before, so I figured what the heck, go for it.  After doing some Googling, I found Manuel Cisneros in El Cajon, who also builds some superfine hot rods.  I gave him a photo of the pinstriping  that was on my biplane, and asked if he could do something like it, with the wings, but make it a lot more low-profile, and put it on the driver's door just below the window.  

I look at almost everything I do as a prototype, because with "continuous improvement" as the over-riding philosophy, you have to start somewhere.  I figure this is just a start on a succession of improvements in the development of a logo I can use on business cards, websites, etc.  It also goes along nicely with my new interest in "angel" investing.  (Angel... wings... get it?)

This is the photo I gave Manny Cisneros to work from:

It shows the pinstriping on my biplane as it was in 1997, in Roskilde, Denmark.  The kid in the cockpit was hanging around watching airplanes, and it was kind of obvious he wanted to check out my biplane, so I popped him in the cockpit and took his photo.  

The pinstriping on the biplane was done in 1996 by the artist who did pinstriping for Dave Perewitz who builds custom Harleys on the east coast.  I stopped there on a flight around the USA and my wingman Art Annecharico introduced us and I got the pinstriping job done late at night, for free!  Wow!  The job for the Audi wasn't free.   :(

The wings are supposed to be similar to the wings on the Waco factory logo:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Grille, before and after

I saw a stock version of my car and couldn't resist the opportunity to pull up next to it for a "before and after" photo:

To me, it's just no contest!  What say you?