Monday, June 27, 2011

AWE cat-back exhaust sounds for Audi S5

to download a sound clip 
of the new AWE exhaust system 
for my Audi S5

It was recorded on my iPhone,
and the recording is a bit weak, 
so turn your speakers UP!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Wheel spacers

Along with the exhaust system improvements, I took advantage of the pit stop by getting the wheel spacers added (20mm rear, 5mm front).  Just barely noticeable, but the overall sense of purpose of the car has improved.

Upgraded exhaust: AWE Tuning cat back

After two months of waiting for AWE Tuning to ship what surely must be one of their first of the new touring class exhaust systems for the S5 Audi... it finally arrived.

Totally worth the wait.  It's like a whole new driving experience, a whole new machine.

I selected the black chrome tips.  I'm thinking the tips could (should) be longer.
I'll post some sound files here soon.

All work done by Michael Kim at PURE Motorsport, San Diego.